Pure Wool Carpet

Hand-woven pure wool carpet. Hand-woven wool carpet is the use of high-quality wool wool spinning, dyeing with modern dyeing technology, by the weaving workers according to the design artwork hand-woven, and then special machinery flat blanket or cut out the concave flower around, and finally with Chemical method to wash out mercerizing. Hand-woven carpets in China's Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Ningxia and other places have a long history, foreign countries such as Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Australia and other countries also have production. Due to the different carpet culture, and thus in the carpet pattern, color, style, formed their own different regional style.

2) woven wool of tons of years. Woven wool carpet because of the use of the machine production, improve the efficiency, saving manpower, so the price is lower than the hand-woven carpets, but its performance and hand-woven wool carpet is similar to the hand-woven wool carpet and chemical fiber carpet Between a high-grade carpet, used in hotels, conference rooms, banquet hall, residential and other use.