Mattress Development History

In 1881, a small town in the outskirts of Houston, Texas, a man named Daniel Haynes, began to produce a cotton pad mattress.

2, 1900, the United States. Simmons, pocket spring mattress;

3, the early twentieth century, Dan Luofu, rubber foam pad;

4, 1932, Italy, Mario Berry, with a polyurethane foam for mats;

5, the Second World War, Germany, Louis Korani, also designed an oval mattress, and according to the human body lying on different parts of the mattress pressure, divided into soft, medium and hard three Part, so that the human body to maintain the best bones.

6, there has also been a foreign "active response to the spring system", changing the past, the usual form of spring structure, making people more comfortable, flexible and lasting; some spring mattress with polyester foam, soft and hard With people choose.