How To Choose Carpet Subregional

A complete hotel project is composed of several different areas, rooms, corridors, elevator hall, size restaurant, size conference room, reception room, office area, entertainment area and so on. Because of the different functions of these areas, also caused the flow of people, traffic ranging. Is quiet is the downtown, is cold is warm, in order to adapt to the special nature of the region, the choice of regional carpet must be echoed, that is, adaptive issues.

Carpet selection and the external environment to adapt to the principle: your hotel, the hotel in a what kind of external environment, you have a lot of restrictions on the choice of carpet. Perennial average rainfall, average temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, sanitation and so are considerations,

Not taking these factors into account, will give the carpet in the course of the use of a lot of trouble.

Such as Harbin nearly half of the winter, the city is very clean, but the guests feet of ice, snow into the hotel that is melting, to the corridors, room carpet caused a lot of pollution.

Shanxi is a coal-producing province, small and even the naked eye can not see the dust along with the shoes into the hotel, the carpet cleaning difficult. Therefore, in the external environment should be more special consideration when the carpet category and the unity of the environment.