How About The Polypropylene Carpet?

Polypropylene is polypropylene fiber as raw material synthesis of fiber, has a good crystallinity and strength. And polypropylene material macromolecule long chain softness, so it has good wear resistance and flexibility.

In short, polypropylene fabric into the fabric of high strength, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, good hygroscopicity and other characteristics, so the use of polypropylene material in the range is very wide.

Polypropylene carpet features:

Polypropylene carpet quality is light, high strength, good elasticity, low production cost, and rich raw materials, cheap, and adjust the content of ingredients also has a flame retardant, insulation, insulation, wear, noise, anti-static, sound effects.

Polypropylene carpet in the cold and cold weather environment can be maintained without deformation, no crack, can be resistant to moisture, corrosion, polypropylene carpet with liquid dyeing, the overall showing a simple and elegant, elegant atmosphere effect.

But compared with nylon carpet and wool carpets, polypropylene carpet fire rating is low, there will be shrinking phenomenon.

Polypropylene carpet flame retardant:

Polypropylene carpet with a light, wear-resistant, inexpensive, beautiful and other advantages, by the consumer's welcome. However, due to the extreme oxygen index of polypropylene 18.6, the ignition temperature of 570 degrees Celsius, so the polypropylene carpet with flammability, often cause the occurrence of fire, so there are still some limitations. Polypropylene carpet relative to nylon and wool carpets, cheap, more suitable for less budget home purchase.