Home Carpet What Material The Best

Home carpet material one: pure wool carpet

In the choice of home carpet, most consumers are willing to choose pure wool home carpet, this is because it is in the general humidity of wool will account for their own weight 13% to 18% of the water, under special conditions, the moisture content of wool also Can reach 33%, it is this special nature, so that it is in a high humidity environment, can absorb moisture from the air, when the air can dry its moisture release, so pure wool home carpet to adjust the indoor temperature Role, which is a lot of consumers favor the pure wool home carpet a big reason.

Home Carpet Material II: Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpet is the most durable one of the home carpet, is now all the first. Because the nylon carpet is mildew, anti-skid, corrosion, wear resistance, resistance to twists and turns of the characteristics, and the price is more affordable, so most consumers choose nylon furniture carpet placed in the corridor, the door, stairs, although the nylon home carpet Cost-effective, but the natural anti-pollution nylon, but most of the nylon carpet after dyeing treatment, can effectively resist the carpet stains, but also easier to be contaminated, easy to produce static electricity. But also very popular with most families welcome.

Home carpet material three: silk carpet

Silk carpets, I believe we are no strangers, and silk home carpet is made of silk, silk home carpet with a solid, good elasticity, moisture absorption, good ventilation and other advantages, often placed in the living room, silk home carpet surface Smooth, feel good, put in the living room gives a high-end atmosphere of the feeling, processing fine, beautiful color design, with a unique natural luster, so the price is very expensive. Generally more popular with the family welcome.