From The Picture Of The Carpet And The Striped View

A plain carpet color is single, and usually no border decoration. Contrast the use of modern characteristics of the room, giving a calm and calm room atmosphere.

B indiscriminate use of carpets and more flowers for the decoration theme, and with vines curly grass, the formation of a non-beginning and end of the uniform sense of the screen. Contrast the right living room so wide and place more messy space.

C classical carpet From the composition point of view, a variety of cultural background of the traditional carpet planning are to follow the base divergence composition criteria. That is, usually choose the carpet base of the base as a key to decorate the picture, and then in the edge of the location of the hook side decoration, and some will be in the base and the border to do a layer of decoration between the drawings. Because of its pictures cumbersome, rich colors, with a strong decoration, so as a tapestry to decorate the wall.