Carpet Maintenance Methods:

1, temporarily do not have the carpet, should be rolled along the direction of hair, stored in the dry and dry place. Curtain should be done when the blanket neatly, not showing the edge of the screw, with pest control drugs, and wrapped with moisture-proof items to prevent damp or contaminated.

2, placed on the carpet furniture, some of the best contact with the gasket isolation, to reduce the pressure on the carpet surface to prevent deformation.

3, laying the carpet should try to prevent direct sunlight. The use of the process, not infected with oil, acidic substances, tea stains and so on. If tainted, should be promptly eradicated.

4, smoke-free head. Today's rugs usually have flame retardant features, but not every carpet has a flame retardant function. And whether it is still flame retardant flame retardant, once the cigarette butt fell on top, at least will be burned a small coke pit. So in the laying of carpets, the family should have a small piece of residual material. When the above situation, the first scissors to scorch some of the blanket cut off, and then scissors to the remaining material of a small blanket hair cut off, with glue sticking through the dressing of the charred pit. To be dry after finishing it.