Carpet Cleaning Eight Matters Needing Attention

1, edible oil: gasoline or ammonium carbide and other volatile solutions to remove the waste sector to use alcohol washing.

2, shoe traces: wipe with gasoline or alcohol and then pancake wash.

3, urine stains: the new stains can be used warm water or 1% ammonia water wash to remove. Aged stains first irrigation rinse the carpet to be washed with citric acid.

4, soy sauce juice: first with cold water brush and then wash liquid. That is to remove vintage. Aged stains with warm water to participate in irrigation and ammonia wash

5, fruit juice: wash with 5% oxygen water after washing with washing liquid wash again, but the ammonia on the wool carpet damage, it should be eliminated, the same can usually be used citric acid or pancake wash, with alcohol can also be.

6, wine stains: the new stains can be washed with water, aged stains using ammonia water plus lush water solution to clean, if the wool material carpet can be used oxalic acid wash irrigation.

7, vomiting stains: wipe with gasoline and then wipe with 6% ammonia and wash with warm water.

8, tea stains: washing with ammonia, silk carpets, tapestries, bed mats and other carpets, steam sauna machine, multi-effect washing machine, dust suction machine, integrated special disinfection powder, decontamination liquid on the carpet steam insecticide, Washing decontamination, dust suction machine suction sewage, dry end with the storage spray, so that the appearance of the carpet waterproof film, to achieve waterproof and dustproof results.