Mats basic introduction

The variety of materials used to make mats on the market is easy to confuse ordinary consumers. The following describes the common types of mats and their characteristics, the purchase can be aware of the number, so as not to be "flicker".

1, nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deformation, easy to produce static electricity, the case will be dissolved in case of fire.

2, polyester: wear resistance after the nylon, heat, light.

3, polypropylene: light weight, good flexibility, high strength; raw materials rich, wear resistance, low prices.

4, acrylic: soft, warm, good elasticity; soft texture, soft colors, easy hair loss, the back of the slide design; but the water is not strong, poor wear resistance.

5. Cotton: cotton material, good water absorption; good material plasticity, can do different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can be used with a sliding pad.

6. Microfiber: water absorption is 1.5-2 times that of cotton, fiber fineness is cotton 1/10; touch more cotton than the soft, very small fiber density, easy to attach dirt, maintenance and more convenient cleaning.

7. Coconut fiber: Recycled with natural coconut fiber; environmentally friendly and durable, natural color and color printing; can effectively scraping the soles of sediment, dirt and clean and easy.

8. Rubber flocking: good drainage, light, and tough, durable, beautiful, long life; both with anti-slip function, can also effectively help scraping the soles of sediment, cleaning is very convenient.